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School God

The following article was submitted by Robert Randolf Lyons as a response to a letter in the Chilliwack Times. Feel free to send in your own articles for publication to [email protected]

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Modern mock Socrates trial mocked!

Darwin submitted the following article. Send your own updates to [email protected]

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Faith and Politics on CKNW

I was invited on the Philip Till show on CKNW this morning to discuss faith and politics from a humanist/atheist perspective.

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Tribal Ghag nothing to laugh at

BCHA member Darwin submitted the following article. Submit your own to [email protected].

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Turkey's science state council halts publication of evolution books

Darwin submitted the following story to bring attention to increasing attacks on evolution in Turkey. Submit your own articles by emailing [email protected]


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Beyond secularism?

I was informed last week of a panel tomorrow night, hosted by newly elected Chilliwack NDP MLA Gwen O’Mahony. The title is Beyond Secularism and will see three Christian scholars discuss the role they believe that faith should play in government.

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Speech to the BC Civil Liberties Association

Tonight I had the pleasure to speak to the Board of Directors of the British Columbia Civil Liberties Association about our campaign to end the distribution of Gideon Bibles in BC schools.

Below is the speech that I presented. I am pleased to report that the Board of the BCCLA has asked their legal staff to help us in our work on the Chilliwack case, the outcome of which will help them decide what further support they can offer.

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Bible distribution ends in Chilliwack

It was unclear last night what the deletion of Regulation 518 meant for the practice of distributing Gideon Bibles in Chilliwack public schools. A number of stories came out today, however, that start to paint a clearer picture.

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Progress in Chilliwack

Unfortunately I wasn’t able to attend this evening’s school board meeting in Chilliwack, so I only have second hand reports from Twitter to go on. Nevertheless, the news is out that the Board voted to repeal their policy supporting the distribution of Gideon Bibles.

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A Humanist Oasis

James Croft at the Temple of the Future tipped me off to the new group Houston Oasis. The group looks to be reinventing the Humanist community.

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