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A Humanist memorial

While our Officiant Program has mostly been on hold due to our inability to perform legal marriages, we are still able to perform other ceremonies for the non-religious.

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The Secret Power of Juries - an excerpt on Morgentaler

BC Humanist Association honorary member Gary Bauslaugh provides the following excerpt from his upcoming book “The Secret Power of Juries.” Bauslaugh will be speaking in the fall on “Humanism, social justice and the power of juries.”

Here he quotes part of his book relating to Henry Morgentaler who passed away yesterday.

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Henry Morgentaler has died

It is with a heavy heart that I share the news that Dr. Henry Morgentaler has died.

Dr. Morgentaler was arguably Canada’s most famous and influential Humanist. His secular values emboldened him to fight for reproductive freedoms.

He rose to prominence well before my time as he fought to legalize abortion in Canada in the 1960s and 1970s, culminating in the 1988 Supreme Court of Canada decision which struck down Canada’s abortion law. You can read a full biography of Dr. Morgentaler’s life in the Globe and Mail.

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Reflections on Imagine No Religion 3

Some thoughts and comments on Imagine No Religion 3, a conference for freethinkers from May 17-19, 2013 in Kamloops, BC.

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International day in support of Bangladesh atheist bloggers and activists #DefendDissent

May 2 has been declared a day for human rights supporters around the world to stand in solidarity with atheist bloggers and activists who are facing increasing persecution in Bangladesh.

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Humanist thoughts for exam time

The Kwantlen Multifaith Centre is looking for feedback from various traditions to help students survive their upcoming exams. I thought I’d provide my own thoughts from a Humanist perspective on how to manage what can be a very stressful time.

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School God

The following article was submitted by Robert Randolf Lyons as a response to a letter in the Chilliwack Times. Feel free to send in your own articles for publication to [email protected]

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Modern mock Socrates trial mocked!

Darwin submitted the following article. Send your own updates to [email protected]

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Faith and Politics on CKNW

I was invited on the Philip Till show on CKNW this morning to discuss faith and politics from a humanist/atheist perspective.

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Tribal Ghag nothing to laugh at

BCHA member Darwin submitted the following article. Submit your own to [email protected].

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