Reproductive Freedom

The BC Humanist Association is unambiguously pro-choice.

The history of Humanism in Canada is deeply intertwined with the fight for reproductive freedom. Henry Morgentaler, inspired by his Humanist morality, took his fight to make abortions available all the way to the Supreme Court of Canada. That case struck down Canada's abortion law in 1988 and since then it has been a decision between a patient and their doctor.

Today, we fight to make sure people continue to have that choice and that contraceptives are accessible to all who want them, in Canada and around the world.

For evidence-based, non-judgmental information about reproductive health, contact Options for Sexual Health.

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Latest news

BCHA joins AccessBC Campaign

It's time for free prescription contraception in BC! At its most recent meeting, the Board of the BC Humanist Association voted unanimously to lend the organization's support to the AccessBC campaign.

Ireland votes to repeal abortion ban amid huge cultural shift

By Claire Pierson, University of Liverpool In a historic referendum, the Irish people have voted by a landslide to repeal the 8th amendment to the country’s constitution, allowing the government to legislate for abortion. The vote illustrates the monumental shift in attitudes towards women’s rights in Ireland. It’s also testament...

Kelowna refuses anti-choice proclamations

The City of Kelowna will no longer make anti-choice proclamations. The office of Mayor Colin Basran declined the Kelowna Right to Life Society stating that "Proclamations are not approved if they ... advocate against human rights and freedoms under existing Canadian laws." Ian Bushfield, Executive Director, BC Humanist Association: Given...

Half of British Columbians strongly oppose granting "conscientious objections" to healthcare institutions

A new poll has found that 71% of British Columbians do not support publicly-funded healthcare institutions being able to refuse to provide services like physician-assisted dying or abortion on religious grounds. A majority – 52% – are strongly opposed. A number of healthcare institutions operated by religious groups, including Providence...

Conscientious objections deny care

Religious conservatives argue that doctors and pharmacists should be able to use so-called conscientious objections to refuse their patient's access to abortions, contraceptives, and physician-assisted dying in Canada. We only need to look to our neighbours South of the border to see the harm inflicted by these restrictions on access....

Williams Lake rejects anti-choice proclamation

Following pressure from the Abortion Rights Coalition of Canada and local pro-choice activists, the city of Williams Lake, BC has rejected a request to proclaim "Celebrate Life Week." This victory comes after the city council had rubber-stamped the proclamation for several years. The council is now set to review their...

Humanists oppose Kamloops pro-life banner

The BC Humanist Association calls on the Mayor and City Council of Kamloops to remove the Protect Human Life banners that have recently appeared around the city.

Rescind anti-choice proclamation

Last year our organization wrote to then Kelowna Mayor Sharon Shepherd to protest the decision to proclaim Protect Human Life Week. We have reiterated our opposition to this decision to again proclaim this Week in a joint letter to Mayor Walter Gray, commissioned by the Abortion Rights Coalition of Canada....

Should Humanists oppose sex-selective abortions?

Humanists in Canada have long fought for the right for women to control their own fertility. However, it is becoming increasingly apparent that East Asian immigrants in Canada are having fewer than average baby girls, suggesting that some parents may be aborting foetuses based on their gender. This has even prompted...

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