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Our Humanist Action campaign puts compassionate Humanist values into practice through charitable giving and community works. We will feature causes, fundraisers, and events, suggested and led by our members, as ways to show that we are Good Without God.

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Latest updates

Surrey Interfaith Pilgrimage 2017

The Surrey Interfaith Pilgrimage this year went something other than planned. The snow came and stayed, so our walking route became somewhat impassable with snow covering many of the sidewalks and trails. Driving was treacherous, so many who would otherwise have driven wisely chose to stay home. I arrived at...

Humanists raised over $7000 for victims of Alberta wildfires

Last month, following news of wildfires forcing the evacuation of the Alberta city of Fort McMurray, the BC Humanist Association arranged a fundraiser for the Canadian Red Cross. Members came forward and quickly donated over $2000 in a few days toward the relief efforts. Another donor, who had promised to...

BC Humanists raise funds for Fort McMurray

By now most of us have seen the harrowing images pouring out of Northern Alberta over the past week. Tens of thousands of people were evacuated from Fort McMurray an neighbouring communities as a massive wildfire engulfed the region. To provide an opportunity to respond, the BC Humanist Association has...

Humanists should stand up to pay-for-plasma moral challenge

Last month, news broke that Canadian Plasma Resources (CPR) is looking to expand its private plasma collection services to British Columbia. CPR, who currently operate a clinic in Saskatoon, gives $25 to each plasma donor. As Humanists who value reason and compassion, we have a duty to explore the ethical...

An update on our refugee program

In December we asked for your support to help us bring a family fleeing the crisis in Syria to Canada. In the past few short months, you answered that call with nearly $10,000 in donations and pledges. This is in addition to the $17,000 we had confirmed before putting out...

The importance of working with interfaith groups

People have asked me why, as a Humanist, I'm involved in the interfaith events and why I think the BC Humanists should be involved in the interfaith movement in general. After all, what are a bunch of non-believers doing associating with religionists? There are a few reasons why I believe...

Help us sponsor a refugee family

Click here to donate or here to make a pledge. Since the democratic uprising of the Arab Spring in 2011 Syria has been ravaged by civil war. The unrest has allowed fundamentalist groups like the Islamic State rise and spread terror across the region. Millions of families have been displaced to...

Coat drive update

Thanks to so many BC Humanist Association members and supporters, we donated well over a hundred items of warm clothing for people in need.

Baby it's cold outside

As we approach the longest night many of our most vulnerable citizens are experiencing an increased need for warmth. As part of our Humanist Action campaign to put our values into practice, we are collecting coats and warm clothes for those in need. Please check your closets and your Humanist hearts for coats, blankets, thermal...

BC Humanists at Light the Night Walk

On the evening of October 17, several members of the BC Humanists participated in the annual Light the Night Walk, organized by The Leukemia and Lymphoma Society of Canada. Our participation is one of our many community actions that express our Humanist values locally and nationally.

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