Executive Director - Ian Bushfield

Ian BushfieldIan Bushfield was the first Executive Director for the BC Humanist Association and lived for two years in the UK where he worked on campaigns with Sense About Science. He has a background in physics and non-profit management and grew up in Alberta. In 2017 he joined the BC Civil Liberties Association's Board of Directors.


Board of Directors

The BCHA's Board of Directors is elected from our membership at our Annual General Meeting. Read more about their roles and responsibilities and our other policies.

The 2018-19 Board consists of:

Donna Barker

I have a BA, BSW and MSW from UBC and an MA of Organizational Development from Fielding Graduate University. I am currently close to obtaining a PhD from Fielding in which I am studying implicit race bias. I have had a varied professional life working as an organizational change consultant; a clinical counsellor; an undergraduate and graduate instructor; and a public educator. 

J B Bell (Vice President)

I’m a past President of BCHA, with experience on several non-profit and co-op boards advocating for voices that often go unheard. I have a BA in Justice Studies from Royal Roads University.

Kirsten Brawn

Kirsten_Profile.jpgI have a double diploma from BCIT, one in Administration and another in Financial Management and have spent most of my working life employed in these fields. On a more creative level, I have also been a copywriter, poet, and songwriter. For the last several years I have been writing a book about religious history and the Israeli - Palestinian conflict. I am a bit of a weirdo in the Humanist Board, for I am not an atheist or an agnostic, I have my own personal religious views. However, that said, I subordinate my religious beliefs to Humanistic principles, namely: science, reason, and compassion. A society can make do without a belief in God, but it cannot do without, let me say it again, science, reason and compassion.

Colin Crabbe (Treasurer)


Kiana Dashtbazi


Nigel Fish

Nigel Fish

Dan Hanna (President)

Dan Hanna

I was born and raised mostly in the Vancouver Eastside, until I joined the Canadian Armed Forces in 1971. I have lived in various places from Ottawa, Inuvik, Masset, Alert NWT, and then Toronto. After getting my BAA in Admin & Information Management, my partner and I moved back to Vancouver in 1997. We worked for the Federal Public Service until we retired in May 2015.

About five years ago I realized I was an agnostic in terms of what I know, an atheist in relation to supernatural forces, and a humanist in how I approach living my life in this world. I am very interested in understanding this world we live in, especially the people. This has led me to learn about the many diverse religions and philosophies that so many people orient their lives around. I believe “understanding,” not agreement is essential to improving this world.

Life is also about having fun. I enjoy learning to play my guitar (I’m a work in progress for sure), cooking and baking (aloo gobi to rustic no-kneed bread), reading all sorts of books, and contributing to worthy causes (like the BC Humanist Association – YEAH!).

Josie Timewell

josie.jpgI have been a member of the BC Humanists for about four years. I was a teacher at both secondary and elementary level for over thirty years, and, now retired, I volunteer at VanDusen Gardens, at the Writers Exchange and for the Cat Sanctuary in Richmond. I hope to support democracy and the rights of human beings, and all living things.

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