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BCHA joins statement calling on Canadian government to aid Bangladeshi secularists

The BC Humanist Association joins free speech organizations and writers in a joint letter to Prime Minister Justin Trudeau calling for urgent action to provide humanitarian assistance to secular and Humanist writers, bloggers, and academics in Bangladesh.

The letter is the latest pressure put on the Government of Canada by freethought organizations. Tareq Rahim, one of the victims of the most recent attacks, remains in hospital in Dhaka while his wife (a Canadian citizen) continues to press for him to be allowed to recover with her in Canada.

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BCHA speaks out against pseudoscience on Vancouver Island

The BC Humanist Association and Centre for Inquiry Canada have spoken out against events on Vancouver Island featuring alternative medicine proponent Brian Clement.

Clement has been widely criticized for reportedly claiming that after attending his clinic people have been cured of a wide range of conditions including multiple sclerosis. Last year, two Canadian aboriginal girls with leukemia abandoned their evidence based treatments in favour of Clement's treatments. One of the girls later died and the other was withdrawn from the clinic.

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Humanists call on BC Health Minister to adopt assisted dying recommendations

The BC Humanist Association today called on BC Minister of Health Terry Lake to reverse his decision to refuse recommendations to guarantee access to assisted dying through the BC health care system.

The all-party Select Standing Committee on Health had presented its recommendations on assisted dying regulations in BC following a year-long consultation with British Columbians. Rather than adopt the recommendations, the Minister and BC Government instead chose not to endorse the report until the federal government acts.

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Make Canada a safe haven for persecuted Bangladeshi Humanists

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Following the latest attacks on Humanist and atheist writers, bloggers and intellectuals in Bangladesh, the BC Humanist Association is calling on Prime Minister designate Justin Trudeau to make Canada a "safe haven" for those facing persecution for their views.

This weekend, religious fanatics murdered Humanist Faisal Arefin Dipon and sent three more Humanist bloggers to hospital in Bangladesh. Dipon published freethought and pro-secular books, including some by Avijit Roy who was murdered in a separate attack earlier this year in Dhaka.

The International Humanist and Ethical Union has more details on this latest assault on free expression.

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They are "fighting like zealots" against choice in dying

Yesterday the Canadian Conference of Catholic Bishops and the Evangelical Fellowship of Canada released a joint declaration opposing assisted dying.

Michael Coren sums up their opposition in today’s Toronto Star:

No to abortion, no to gay rights, no to euthanasia. Because [the Christian right] have lost the first two they are fighting like zealots to defend the last.

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New Liberal Government set to delay physician assisted dying legislation

A senior Liberal adviser has told CBC that Justin Trudeau's new Liberal Government is considering asking the Supreme Court for an additional six months delay in bringing forward legislation to comply with the Court's unanimous decision in February to end the prohibition on physician assisted dying. This would mean that helping someone in suffering hasten their death would remain a criminal offence.

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BC Humanists take the #SciencePledge

We believe that all Canadians benefit when governments solicit, collect and use the evidence and expertise needed to make smart policy decisions that safeguard the health, safety and prosperity of Canadians. We support actions that invest in public-interest science; ensure open, honest and timely communication of scientific information; and make public the evidence considered in government decisions.

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Bishop pressures parents to overrule students' rights to HPV vaccine

A Bishop has told parents that Prince George Catholic Schools will not obey government rules that allow students to consent to getting the HPV vaccine. Rev Stephen Jensen also tells parents "abstinence is the only healthy choice."

The warnings came in a letter from the Bishop that was attached to HPV vaccine permission slips sent home with students.

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Williams Lake rejects anti-choice proclamation

Following pressure from the Abortion Rights Coalition of Canada and local pro-choice activists, the city of Williams Lake, BC has rejected a request to proclaim "Celebrate Life Week." This victory comes after the city council had rubber-stamped the proclamation for several years. The council is now set to review their proclamation policy.

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Announcing the Humanist Action Campaign

Humanism is a philosophy of life based on reason, compassion, and hope.


Our new Humanist Action campaign seeks to put those values into action by coordinating charitable fundraisers, community cleanups, and other good works, as suggested by our members.

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