BC Humanist Association endorses $10aDay Child Care Plan

At its most recent board meeting, the BC Humanist Association unanimously agreed to join hundreds of organizations in endorsing the $10aDay Child Care Plan.

The plan is an initiative of the Coalition of Child Care Advocates of BC. By making quality child care affordable and accessible, the plan sets a realistic path to meet the needs of BC children, women, families and employers. The Government of BC introduced its Child Care BC plan in February 2018 and is based largely on the $10aDay Plan.

An in-depth economic analysis confirmed that the $10aDay plan will generate sufficient government revenue to pay for the required spending to build and operate the system.

From the Amsterdam Declaration 2002:

Humanists have a duty of care to all humanity including future generations.


Humanism insists that personal liberty must be combined with social responsibility. Humanism ventures to build a world on the idea of the free person responsible to society, and recognizes our dependence on and responsibility for the natural world.

Ian Bushfield, Executive Director, BC Humanist Association

Humanists have long spoken up in support of the rights of women and children. The $10aDay Plan represents a pragmatic and forward thinking way to animate those rights by freeing families from the burdensome financial costs of child care. We encourage all of our supporters to read the plan and consider joining the call.

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