Introducing the BC Queer Humanist Alliance

In celebration of Pride Week in Vancouver, the BC Humanist Association is launching the BC Queer Humanist Alliance.

Queer Humanist Alliance

The BC Queer Humanist Alliance is a supportive community of LGBTQ2S+ persons that connect over Humanism and that take action towards building a more inclusive, just society. This space is exclusively for people who self-identify as members of the LGBTQ2S+ community. It works to attain the full equality and social liberation of LGBTQ2S+ persons and is empowered to critique the BCHA itself.

Humanism is committed to realizing the dignity, worth and liberation of every individual. Humanists reject religious, "traditional" and other pseudoscientific notions of sexuality and gender. The BCHA has advocated for bans on conversion therapy, protections for gender identity and expression in human rights legislation and the Board of the BCHA recently adopted a trans-inclusion policy.

JB Bell, President, BC Humanist Association:

The Queer Humanist Alliance lets LGBTQIA+ people know that Humanism can be for them. As a bisexual, it's important for me because it lets me know that BCHA always has been a queer space. It's high time for Humanism to come out.

Demi Blakemore, Board Member, BC Humanist Association:

As a queer trans woman, the Alliance represents acceptance and solidarity. We are a queer space.

Members of the BC Humanist Association will be promoting the BC Queer Humanist Alliance at the Vancouver Dyke March on Saturday, August 3 and the Vancouver Pride Festival on Sunday, August 4.

The official kickoff event for the BC Queer Humanist Alliance will be held on Friday, August 15 at Cafe La Forêt in Burnaby at 7:00 PM. RSVP now

All BCHA members who self-identify as queer are welcome. Learn more at

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