BCHA reacts to 2021 provincial and federal budgets

Yesterday the Government of Canada released its 2021 budget and today the Government of BC released its budget.

The BC Humanist Association is celebrating investments in childcare, reconciliation and efforts to combat systemic racism.

"Yesterday's federal budget and today's provincial budget both contained significant investments in childcare that will help bring us closer to a universal $10aDay childcare reality," said BCHA Executive Director Ian Bushfield. "This is welcome news and in line with the $10aDay plan the BCHA supported in 2018."

The BCHA endorsed the $10aDay Child Care Plan in 2018. Under Budget 2021, the federal government is investing $30 billion over five years to support quality, not-for-profit childcare in partnership with the provinces. Under BC Budget 2021, the province intends to more than double the number of available $10-a-day child care spaces.

"However, today's provincial budget missed another opportunity to reinvest money in the secular and inclusive public education system that continues to be siphoned off for private, predominantly religious, independent schools. The estimates today show the province will send an additional $25m to these schools, bringing our annual subsidy to nearly half a billion dollars."

Under its 2021 Budget, the Government of BC expects funding to rise from just under $450m to $473,312,000 in 2021/22. The BCHA has long campaigned for an end to the public funding of private schools, which are predominantly for religious or wealthy families.

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