Sep 12, 2016 Newsletter

Last week, we shared our letter to BC's Minister of Education asking if he'd stand up for LGBTQ rights in BC schools.

On Thursday we got our answer: All public and independent schools will be required to explicitly include sexual orientation and gender identity in their anti-bullying policies.

This is a good first sign but we'll have to see the details to know whether the rights of LGBTQ students will be upheld.

CBC finds majority of rehab centres use 12-step model

A new CBC investigation has found that a majority of rehabilitation facilities across BC use the faith-based 12-step model and many are openly hostile to evidence-based harm reduction models.

This report echoes concerns we raised at the BC Legislature's health committee hearings in June.

Let's hope this is the start of a trend toward ensuring secular and evidence-based treatments are the first option for people with substance use issues.

Read the full details.

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