Secular student groups thriving in BC

Classes have been under a way for about a month and across British Columbia students are building new communities for atheist, skeptic and Humanist. I wanted to give a quick update on where some of the groups are, and how the donations BCHA members made have helped us support them.

Kwantlen Secular Student Alliance


Students from Kwantlen Polytechnic University's Richmond and Surrey campus got in touch with us in August about getting a student group going at their school. Our chaplain, Dr Marty Shoemaker, is based at the Richmond campus and has been eager to help them get their group going. Donations from BCHA members allowed us to print dozens of buttons which were snagged by the 30+ students who joined the club during their tabling at the two campuses.

The KSSA's first meeting is this afternoon at the Surrey campus.

Follow KSSA events.

SFU Skeptics


The SFU Skeptics have been running for a number of years. I was happy to see they were still around and I joined them for their day at clubs fair and brought a bagful of buttons. We had a couple dozen people sign up and the SFU Skeptics are meeting every Friday at the Highland Pub. 

Join the SFU Skeptics on Facebook and follow their events.

UBC Freethinkers

After a quiet year, the UBC Freethinkers are on the cusp of restoring their official clubs status. The students I met with last month have gotten the paperwork finished and have met with the Alma Mater Society to pitch their club. They expect to start hosting meetings soon after that.

Join their Facebook group and stay tuned for upcoming events.

UBCO Skeptics

Finally, the Skeptics at University of British Columbia Okanagan are off to a great start this year. They've launched a new Facebook group and have almost 100 members already. Their second meeting of the year is tomorrow and they'll be representing the atheist point of view in the UBCO World Views discussion in November. I'll be in Kelowna later this month and will hopefully meet up with some of the leaders of the group then.

Join their Facebook group and watch for more events.

Keep up the support

I know there are non-religious students at other campuses and there's lots more we can do to help these groups. I'm hoping we can help them bring speakers and host debates on campuses. So please donate what you can and sign up for updates or get in touch with me by email [email protected].

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