Humanists raised over $7000 for victims of Alberta wildfires

Last month, following news of wildfires forcing the evacuation of the Alberta city of Fort McMurray, the BC Humanist Association arranged a fundraiser for the Canadian Red Cross.

Members came forward and quickly donated over $2000 in a few days toward the relief efforts. Another donor, who had promised to match every donation up $5000, decided in the end to donate the full $5000, making our collective contribution to over $7000.

Each and every one of those dollars was then matched by the Government of Canada, representing an additional $14,000 to support the thousands of individuals and families affected.

In total, the Canadian Red Cross was able to raise over $125 million from individuals, governments, community groups and companies. They have since produced a report giving a one month update on where those funds have gone.

Thank you to everyone who donated. Your compassion has made a real difference in this crisis.

Image credit: Wikipedia

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