Humanism is an alternative to religion - May 7. 2018 Newlsetter

The fifth fundamental of Humanism says:

Humanism is a response to the widespread demand for an alternative to dogmatic religion. The world’s major religions claim to be based on revelations fixed for all time, and many seek to impose their world-views on all of humanity. Humanism recognizes that reliable knowledge of the world and ourselves arises through a continuing process of observation, evaluation and revision.

Humanism is not an anti-religious worldview. Rather, we challenge the claims and authority of religious orthodoxy, particularly when it conflicts with the values we've discussed over the past few weeks. I like to say we set our sights on the ways religion and religious worldviews are often privileged in our society.

More importantly though, this paragraph is framed in the positive. It mentions what Humanism isn't about - fixed revelation or dogma - but ends with what Humanism is about - providing an alternative based on the scientific method.

New board members

Yesterday was our Annual General Meeting and despite the BMO Marathon shutting down large portions of Vancouver, we still had over 30 people come out.

In addition to re-electing incumbent board members Dan Hanna and Colin Crabbe, Josie Timewell, Kirsten Brawn and Kiana Dashtbazi were acclaimed to the board of directors.

I hope you'll join me in thanking Josie, Kirsten and Kiana for stepping up - as well as our other board members Dan, Colin, JB Bell, Nigel Fish and Donna Barker for continuing to serve.

Kelowna Atheists, Skeptics & Humanists Association affiliates

Starting today, you'll begin seeing events from our newest local group affiliate KASHA, the Kelowna Atheists, Skeptics and Humanists Association in our weekly newsletters. You can find all upcoming KASHA events on our website or directly through their website at There you can also sign up for their (separate) email newsletter.

Welcome to the growing BCHA family KASHA!

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