Humanists reiterate call that Budget 2023 enshrine the duty of neutrality

In its response to the Ministry of Finance's pre-Budget 2023 consultation, the BC Humanist Association is again asking the government to recognize its duty of religious neutrality and end special privileges for religious organizations.

The BCHA previously made these calls to the House of Commons' Finance Committee.

Specifically, the BCHA is calling on the government to (1) repeal the clergy residence deduction, (2) remove 'advancement of religion' as a charitable purpose and (3) end charitable status for anti-abortion organizations.

Additionally, the BCHA is calling on the Government to use Budget 2023 to promote the dignity of all Canadians.

This includes funding for a Canada Disability Benefit, more childcare spaces, and affordable housing. We encourage the Government to apply the lens of the duty of religious neutrality to all aspects of the budget as funding for sectarian services inherently excludes people who do not ascribe to those narrow dogmas.

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