End charity status for crisis pregnancy centres - Budget 2023 response

In its brief submitted today, the BC Humanist Association is calling on the federal government to use Budget 2023 to end charity status for anti-choice organizations, including crisis pregnancy centres.

Parliament's Standing Committee on Finance is currently accepting submissions for Budget 2023.

In its brief, the BCHA makes three recommendations:

  1. That the government amend the Income Tax Act to repeal section 8(1)(c), the clergy residence deduction.
  2. That the government amend the Income Tax Act to create a statutory definition of a charity and that such a definition removes the privileged status of ‘advancement of religion’ as a charitable purpose.
  3. That the government no longer provide charitable status to anti-abortion organizations.

Read the full brief from the BC Humanist Association.

Submit your own brief before October 8, 2022.

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