Atheists have rights too - Oct 23, 2017 Newsletter

Last week we launched a petition asking the Government of BC to add "nonreligion" to the Human Rights Code.

We've already received nearly 500 signatures, which is a fantastic start!

To continue to build the case for this simple change, I published an editorial in The Tyee today where I set out the motivation for this effort. It's one of the most read articles on their site and I encourage you to read and share it.

Finally, if you've faced discrimination for being an atheist or not believing in god, I want to hear from you. Simply reply to this email with your story and if you'd be okay sharing it (even anonymously) publicly. Personal stories can be some of the most effective ways to raise awareness about the importance of changes like this.

This petition is the first step in our response to the province's effort to re-establish the Human Rights Commission. Keep up to date on our response by signing the petition.

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News: Humanists launch petition for nonreligious human rights protections
Blog: We can dislike the niqab, while still respecting religious freedom by Rob Breakenridge

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