Solstice reflections on 2023

Looking back on this past year, we're seeing the dividends paid out for the investments the members of the Humanist community have been making for the past few years.

So, while it feels cliché to say that 2023 was been a significant year for us, it's still likely true, given what we've been building together.

In particular:

Most prominently, though, we earned many headlines for our report on prayers at seven inaugural council meetings across British Columbia. Our advocacy has since led four of those communities to commit to ending or reviewing the practice before the next elections.

We still need to get commitments from three more communities to ensure all future city council meetings in the province are secular and inclusive.

Beyond that, there's a lot more we want to do next year and beyond. I'll save that for my next blog, though.

For now, thank you to everyone who's helped build this movement. And if you haven't yet, please support our year-end fundraising campaign.


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