I Support Comprehensive Sex Ed

Comprehensive and inclusive sexual health education is a human right.

As the Canadian Guidelines for Sexual Health Education states:

Access to comprehensive sexual health education should be a basic right for all people in Canada and a public policy priority.

It's time everyone to have access to comprehensive sex ed.

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I support comprehensive sexual health education, as described by the Sex Information & Education Council of Canada's Canadian Guidelines for Sexual Health Education.

Comprehensive sexual health education:

  1. Is accessible to all people
  2. Promotes human rights
  3. Is scientifically accurate
  4. Is broadly-based in scope
  5. Is inclusive of the identities and lived experiences of LGBTQ2S+ people
  6. Promotes gender equality
  7. Incorporates a balances approach that includes the positive aspects of sexuality and relationships as well as the prevention of negative outcomes
  8. Is responsive to emerging issues
  9. Is provided by educators who have the knowledge and skills to deliver it

The Ministry of Education should ensure that comprehensive sex education is taught to these standards.

Local school boards should support teachers to teach comprehensive sexual health education and restrict sexual health education to those organizations that support these standards.

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