Memorials & Grief: A Guide for Humanists and Non-Religious People in BC

The BC Humanist Association has created two guides to discuss issues that humanists and other non-religious people may encounter around the ends of their lives. This guide, on Memorials & Grief, is for anyone non-religious (humanist, atheist, agnostic) and living with the death of a loved one, or simply interested in learning more about the humanist perspective of life & death.

For more information about end of life, healthcare, advance care planning, legacy projects and emotional support, please see our first guide, End of Life: A Guide for Humanists and Non-Religious People in BC. This is available for free on our website.

We hope that this guide provides you with support, advice and comfort after the loss of a loved one.

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Listen to the audiobook (available on the B.C. Humanist podcast)

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