I support the call: Dignity in Life - Dignity in Death

Every Canadian should be able to choose to live - or to die - with dignity.

For many Canadians that right remains unfulfilled.

Canadians with disabilities face poverty and exclusion and have called for a Canada Disability Benefit.

COVID-19 has exposed the gaps and failings in our long-term care system.

Publicly funded religious hospitals and healthcare facilities are denying patients access to medical assistance in dying because of dictates from Bishops and unaccountable religious leaders.

The federal law on assisted dying, passed in June 2016 and updated in 2021, still excludes mature minors, those with mental illnesses and those facing degenerative conditions.

If you're concerned about these issues, join the call.

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I support the right of an individual to choose to live or to die with dignity.

  1. Ensure Dignity in Life: Enshrine dignity for Canadians with disabilities by immediately enacting a Canada Disability Benefit. Improve palliative and long-term care by enacting the promised Safe Long-Term Care Act with protections for access to MAID and the state's duty of religious neutrality.
  2. Ensure Dignity in Death: Allow MAID for mature minors and those whose sole underlying condition is a mental illness. Allow advance requests for MAID.
  3. Guarantee Access: Treat MAID as a medical, not a criminal matter. Remove barriers for those not at end-of-life, including the 90-day waiting period. Ensure access to MAID at all publicly funded healthcare facilities by ending the funding of sectarian healthcare delivery.

Read the BCHA submission on the MAID statutory review.

Will you sign?

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