Every Canadian in grievous and irremediable suffering has the right to choose a medically-assisted death.

For many British Columbians that right remains unfulfilled.

Publicly funded religious hospitals and healthcare facilities are denying patients are access to medical assistance in dying because of dictates from Bishops and unaccountable religious leaders.


The federal law on assisted dying, passed in June 2016, excludes those with mental illnesses and those facing degenerative conditions.

If you're concerned about these issues, join our call.

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I support the call: Allow assisted dying for all who choose it

I support the right of an individual who has made a clear decision, free from coercion, to choose a medically assisted death. I join the BC Humanist Association's call for federal, provincial and territorial governments to work together to expand the legal and regulatory frameworks that grants the right to medical assistance in death to all Canadians who freely choose it.

Specifically I support:

  1. Minimal eligibility criteria for an assisted death. The Carter decision is a "floor and not a ceiling" and Parliament should make Canada a world-leader in end of life options. Parliament must repeal the restriction on access to those who's "natural death" is "reasonably foreseeable".
  2. Guaranteed access. Publicly funded healthcare facilities, including hospitals, hospices and residential care facilities, should not be able to "opt-out" of providing access to MAiD. Facilities that refuse to provide legal healthcare services should see their funding revoked.
  3. No conscientious objections. Medical professionals have a responsibility to respect their patients' autonomy and their dignity. If allowances for conscientious objections are permitted, such allowances must be rare, unrelated to belief in a deity (or deities) or other supernatural entities, and applied in a manner that places first priority on the patient’s wishes.

Read the full BCHA position on medical assistance in dying.

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