Listen to the compassionate

On Saturday the Vancouver Sun published our letter to the editor calling on the BC and Canadian governments to stop delaying physician-assisted dying in Canada.

Our letter was in response to a November 19 editorial calling for an extension in the Supreme Court decision. Also see Dying With Dignity Canada CEO Wanda Morris's comments to the National Post in the Vancouver Sun on why an extension could lead to thousands more suffering needless.

Listen to the compassionate

Re: Ask Supreme Court for an extension, Guest editorial, Nov. 19

Right now, there are people across Canada who have decided that they have had enough suffering.

They are waiting to exercise the right the Supreme Court of Canada awarded them nine months ago.

They want to end their suffering and die with dignity.

But some politicians, including our own provincial government, are choosing to listen to a small but vocal minority who are dogmatically opposed to choice in dying.

These voices are offside of an overwhelming majority of Canadians, both secular and religious.

They are also wrong about the need for an extension to the Supreme Court’s decision.

The BC Humanist Association is one of a number of organizations that have said such an extension is unnecessary.

There will be no “legal limbo” on Feb. 7.

Regulators will continue to develop safeguards while patients who have made a clear and free choice will be able to end their suffering. Further stalling will only needlessly prolong suffering.

It’s time our politicians started listening to the compassionate majority and gave Canadians a choice.

Ian Bushfield
Executive Director, BC Humanist Association

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