Legislative Syzygy: Decumbiture of an Ailing Province

Last year, we released a report that that analysed the star signs for MLAs in the BC Legislature for whom birthdays were available (n=59). The report made a number of headline-grabbing conclusions and predictions through the analysis of MLA star, ascendant, and moon signs.

In this report, we revisit those predictions and find we had a near impeccable accuracy of 98.2%. This unrivaled success in political prognostication leads to the obvious conclusion that our previous recommendations are more imperative than ever: that the BC Legislature hire an official astrologer, invest in other forms of divination, and that the birth dates for every MLA and political candidate be made publicly available.

Our work was motivated by the continued decision by the Legislative Assembly of British Columbia to open each sitting with “prayer and reflections.” This approach is fraught with peril, particularly as no religion has subjected its claims to the level of pseudoscientific rigor as we have just applied to our prophecies. This begs the question of why members have thus far refused to explore other alternative supernatural means of promoting prosperity in the province – specifically astrology.


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