Humanists at Vaisakhi Day Celebrations

I helped out at the Vaisakhi Day celebrations with the Tarksheel Society yesterday. It was an invaluable experience. By noon we had over 100 visitors, and there were many others who gave us the thumbs up on their way by.

I asked one of my co-volunteers and he confirmed that Vaisakhi is more of a Punjabi cultural festival than a Sikh one.

Either way there was lots of good and free food, colourful costumes and wonderful folks to talk to.

There was even a Punjabi TV station there. They filmed us and interviewed one of the Tarksheel leaders.

Being the only Euro-Canadian at the booth, I was something of a curiousity and maybe I attracted some folks.

I had to leave at 12:30, but we agreed that any time we can work together with other humanist organizations, we shall.

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