Humanism values artistic creativity - May 14, 2018 Newsletter

The sixth fundamental of Humanism says:

Humanism values artistic creativity and imagination and recognizes the transforming power of art. Humanism affirms the importance of literature, music, and the visual and performing arts for personal development and fulfillment.

Humanists and atheists are often stereotyped as overly academic, philosophical and scientific; almost Spock-like in our worship of logic over emotion.

But an important element of Humanism is recognizing the importance of art to the human condition. A life of pure "logic" denies an element of our humanity that allows us to connect empathetically with one another and that acts as a path to better understanding ourselves.

At times our Vancouver member's have arranged group trips to the theatre and we've included art created by our members in some of our silent auctions.

I am interested in more ways to engage this element in our work though. What would you like to see us do to better promote the "transforming power of art"?

UVic Project on Religion and Atheism in the Pacific NW

Dr Lynne Marks is an Associate Professor in the History Department at the University of Victoria. Her subjects are Canadian history, women’s and gender history, and the social history of religion, in particular, looking at why British Columbians have historically been less religious than the rest of Canadians.

She is now extending her study (see attached poster) and would appreciate being able to interview people who are currently atheists/agnostics, and who have had family members living in the Pacific Northwest ideally for more than one generation. She is prepared to interview people in Victoria, Vancouver, Seattle and Portland preferably in June.

Please see the attached poster for further information

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