Grassroots Organizers

During this pilot project, we're starting with a small number of members who've expressed an interest in hosting events. Based on the success of that, we'll slowly expand the number of members who can create events before we open the system up to our entire membership.

Whether you want to host a pub night, a charitable event, a discussion group, a book club or something else, we're here to help connect you with freethinkers in your community.

By creating an event, as an organizer you:

  • Must have a current membership in the BC Humanist Association (and during the pilot project, you must be approved to host events)
  • Agree to abide by all BCHA policies (including our Code of Conduct, found in our governance policy manual)
  • Will only create events that promote Humanism or further Humanist ideas and that do not conflict with our Statement of Values and Principles
  • Will only host events in a public venue
  • Agree to waive any liability for the BCHA
  • Will not host a partisan event or topics, that is anything that specifically promote or oppose a particular political candidate or party
  • Will maintain financial records of any expenses incurred or donations received. Any donations received that exceed direct event expenses should be given to the BCHA
  • Will receive approval from BCHA staff before promoting your event

If you want to be part of this pilot, please email us.

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