Pass a conversion therapy ban

Without fast action LGBTQ2S+ rights could be left behind for months or potentially years

A much-needed national ban on conversion therapy has been an unintended casualty of the Prime Minister's recent decision to prorogue Parliament.

The BC Humanist Association largely supported the approach taken by the Government of Canada in its previous bill.

Now we need MPs to commit to reintroducing,
and quickly passing, a ban on conversion therapy.

Add your name to our call for Members of Parliament to reintroduce the bill when Parliament returns in September and move quickly to ban so-called "conversion therapy."

At its core, Humanism is about promoting human dignity and equality — true equality in Canada can’t be reached while we allow these unjust and abusive practices to continue.


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University researchers, academics and public policy experts agree that the practice of "conversion therapy" is deeply harmful to LGBTQ2S+ people. It has been recognized as pseudoscientific and dangerous by the Canadian Psychological Association, American Psychological Association and others.

Bill C-8, introduced earlier this year, was a solid first step to outlawing this reprehensible practice in Canada; however, the bill died on the order paper with prorogation. We urge the Government to reintroduce and pass this important bill.

At the same time, we echo the call by the Centre for Gender & Sexual Health Equity to address gaps in the bill relating to trans, non-binary, two-spirit and gender-diverse Canadians. We ask that a new bill include those vital amendments.

While one law won't end discrimination against the LGBTQ2S+ community, it will provide additional protections and show that our Government is on the side of equality and human dignity.

Will you sign?

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