Conversion therapy ban passes House of Commons

Humanists urge the Senate to pass Bill C-6 before summer break

In a recorded vote this afternoon, Members of Parliament voted 263-63 to grant third reading to a bill that would ban conversion therapy in Canada.

Bill C-6 is the second time Parliament has considered banning the harmful and pseudoscientific practice. A previous bill died when the legislature was prorogued in August 2020.

The Bill now moves to the Senate where it's unclear if it will complete the necessary stages before the Chamber rises for the summer. If the rumours of a snap election bear out, then the bill will again die on the order paper.

"LGBTQ2S+ advocates and allies have been calling for a ban on conversion therapy for several years, so today's vote is a long-time coming," said BCHA Executive Director Ian Bushfield. "However, there is much work to be done to ensure this bill becomes law."

To support the swift passage of Bill C-6, the BCHA is releasing a brief for Senators titled Conversion Therapy is Abuse.

The BCHA is asking all supporters of a ban on conversion therapy to write to their Senators and ask them to support the passage of Bill C-6.

The following Senators represent British Columbia:

Senator Email
Bev Busson [email protected]
Larry Campbell [email protected]
Mobina Jaffer [email protected]
Yonah Martin [email protected]
Yuen Pau Woo [email protected]

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