Bill proposes banning conversion therapy in BC

BC Green Party leader Andrew Weaver introduced Bill M218 this afternoon, which would ban conversion therapy in the province.

Conversion therapy is the discredited notion that one's sexual orientation or gender identity can be changed.

The bill would prohibit treating minors and prevent doctors from claiming MSP reimbursements for conversion therapy. The Ministry of Health told CBC News that the therapy is not covered; however, individuals like Peter Gadjics report having suffered the treatment in British Columbia.

Ian Bushfield, Executive Director, BC Humanist Association

Humanism is based on a commitment to science and compassion. It affirms the worth, dignity and autonomy of every human being. We therefore categorically reject the dangerous claim that one’s sexual orientation or gender identity can be changed through therapy. We support efforts to ban the practice and urge MLAs to support this private members’ bill.

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