BC Supreme Court begins hearings on Christian law school

The BC Supreme Court begins hearing today into whether Trinity Western University, an evangelical private university, should be able to accredit lawyers. TWU requires all students to sign a community covenant which prohibits sex outside a heterosexual marriage, thereby excluding gay and lesbian students as well as non-Christians.

Ian Bushfield, Executive Director, BC Humanist Association:

We supported the Law Society when it rejected TWU's application and continue to oppose this attempt to create a law school for the few. The fundamental basis for modern Canadian law is one of equality. Establishing a school that rejects students with the wrong belief system or sexual orientation is fundamentally opposed to that principle. Christian students are welcome in the many secular law programs in Canadian universities, there is no need for a two-tiered system.

The Board of Directors of the BC Humanist Association took a position in August 2013 calling on the Province and Federation of Law Societies of Canada to Reject TWU's application for a law school.

The Law Society of BC has the latest court papers on its website. The review is expected to last until Friday.

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