BC Humanists take the #SciencePledge

We believe that all Canadians benefit when governments solicit, collect and use the evidence and expertise needed to make smart policy decisions that safeguard the health, safety and prosperity of Canadians. We support actions that invest in public-interest science; ensure open, honest and timely communication of scientific information; and make public the evidence considered in government decisions.

The British Columbia Humanist Association has endorsed Evidence for Democracy's Science Pledge, calling for better use of science and evidence in public policy.

BC Humanists sign Science PledgeMembers of the BC Humanist Association take the Science Pledge at our Sunday, September 27th, 2015 meeting.

Ian Bushfield, Executive Director, BC Humanist Association:

Humanism is a worldview informed by science. It's vital for individuals and governments to have access to the best available evidence to make good decisions. We had no hesitations about signing the pledge and are encouraged by the number of individuals, organizations, and candidates signing up.

Ian Bushfield Science PledgeIan Bushfield takes the Science Pledge

To sign the pledge as an individual, visit SciencePledge.ca and make sure to share your science pledge picture.

Evidence for Democracy also asked each of the main political parties for their stance on science policy issues. You can read the responses on Evidence for Democracy's website. Make sure to ask your candidates about where they stand on science.

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