Announcing the first BCHA Humanist Officiant Training seminar

The BC Humanist Association will be holding its first Humanist Officiant Training session on Saturday May 7, 2016 for potential Humanist celebrants.

Part of the mission of the BCHA is to offer and provide meaningful ceremonies at significant times such as marriage and death. Elsewhere in Canada and around the world, different Humanist organizations have long provided secular alternatives to mark important life milestones.

The BCHA Officiant Program exists to provide Humanist officiants and celebrants to help the non-religious mark significant milestones in their lives in a meaningful way. To build the program, the BCHA has invited Autumn Reinhardt-Simpson, Humanist Chaplain and board member of The Humanist Society, to Vancouver to lead a seminar to train its first wave of secular celebrants.

More details about the seminar are available on the event page.

To apply to attend the seminar, please email Ian Bushfield at [email protected] or call (604) 265-9298 setting out why you want to become a Humanist Officiant. If your application is accepted, we will get in touch with you with the venue details and how to pay the $100 registration fee.

Please note that BCHA Officiants are not currently recognized to perform marriages in British Columbia. Our Officiants are able to perform memorials, baby welcomings and other ceremonies. The training seminar will discuss alternative options for marriages in BC and we encourage you to learn more about our campaign for legal Humanist Marriages.

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