Act now: Voice Your Choice to your MLA

The B.C. government continues to pass on opportunity after opportunity to show country-wide leadership on physician assisted dying.

E-mail your MLA today. Tell your representatives to speak out for patients' rights

In the past two weeks alone, the provincial Liberals under Premier Christy Clark have failed patients at end of life in the following ways:

Let your MLA know that this disregard for patients’ suffering is simply unacceptable. Use DWD Canada’s new BC E-mail-a-Rep tool to send a single powerful message to your local MLA, the health minister and the premier. Just plug in your name, e-mail address and postal code to generate a tailored message. Then, you can either fire off the default text or add your own personal touches.

Taking this step is one of the easiest, most immediate things you can do to defend choice for British Columbians facing terrible diagnoses.

So please, Voice Your Choice today for provincial leadership on assisted dying. If we don’t, others who aim to curtail your choice will undoubtedly fill the void.

All the best,

Wanda Morris,
CEO, Dying With Dignity Canada

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