I Support the Right to Abortion

Abortion has been legal in Canada since Humanist Dr Henry Morgentaler's success at the Supreme Court of Canada in 1988.

Yet the fight for reproductive justice is not over in Canada.

Not only must we be ever vigilant against those who would turn back these hard-fought victories, we must also push to ensure everyone in this country has the ability to access an abortion.

Access remains a challenge for many people across Canada. Provincial regulations vary widely, disparities in funding mean rural areas are often left without access and we don't yet have universal prescription contraceptives.

Stand up for the right to abortion

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I support reproductive justice.

  1. Universal access to abortion: Ensure everyone who needs an abortion can access one.
  2. Free prescription contraceptives: Add prescription contraception coverage to provincial healthcare plans.
  3. Comprehensive sexuality and sexual health education: Ensure young people learn the basics about sexuality and sexual health from an inclusive sex positive, human rights perspective.
  4. Oppose anti-choice practices: Stop crisis pregnancy centres from preying on the vulnerable and end public funding of anti-abortion groups.

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