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Are you missing the social interaction & conversations at the KASHA Secular Humanist Thinkers’ Café which used to occur at 8:30 am on the 1st & 3rd Tuesday of every month at Urban Fare Mission Park, but is now stopped due to COVID-19 concerns?

Then what follows is a suggested alternative, named Zoom Room Coffee Klatsch; this will be an On Line Discussion group that herein is proposed will occur on the 2nd and 4th Tuesday of every month. All you need to attend the online Coffee Klatsch is internet service and a computer with audio and, preferably, a camera to show your face; you do, however, have to bring your own coffee or other beverage of choice. You do not need to get Zoom software, but instead just Log On to the unique meeting Zoom Web Link at the Date/Time that will be sent to you via email. The concept is that at each Zoom Room Coffee Klatsch the participants can choose what they want to talk about. To get us started there may be a couple of suggested discussion topics, such as for example: (1) During this COVID-19 shut-in period how are you managing to get groceries and staples, and/or do you need some help? (2) How long do you think the COVID-19 shut-in period will last, in Canada, BC and more specifically in the Central Okanagan? OR even, (3) Is Klatsch the correct spelling, or should it be Klatch, Clatch, Clutch or the original German word Kaffeeklatsch (i.e., Gossip over Coffee)? These are just a few ideas to get us started, but thereafter Coffee Klatsch participants will decide on discussion topics of interest to each of them. There is no requirement you attend any Zoom Room Coffee Klatsch online meeting (even if you are emailed the Zoom Web Link); you also can leave each meeting anytime you wish by pushing the ‘Leave Meeting’ button in Zoom. Interested?

If you are interested in participating in this ‘new’ way to socially interact in these difficult self-distanced and home-bound times, then send an email to Reg Olson at [email protected]. Reg will respond confidentially to each interested participant to explain: (a) how Zoom basically works, (b) how the protocols for the Zoom Room Coffee Klatsch will or should work, and (c) answer any questions you may have.

Depending on responses, the tentative plan is to have the first or inaugural Zoom Room Coffee Klatsch Meeting on April 28th 9:00am, and then on at the latest by Tuesday, May 12th. It will continue thereafter so long as there are interested participants.

Details on the KASHA website

June 23, 2020 at 9:00am - 11am Pacific Time (US & Canada)
Online (email for link)
Reg Olsen ·

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