Tell Canada to keep its promise and fix our broken charity laws

The Government of Canada is set to make a decision in the next 10 days whether they will fix our broken charity laws. We need to raise our voice so that it’s clear that the government must act now.

The BCHA has spoken about how Canada's charities laws privilege religious organizations and silence the voices of the non-religious like us.

Politically motivated audits by the Canada Revenue Agency have silenced the voices and threatened the future existence of vital charities in Canada. Now there is a chance to do something positive about this injustice.

In 2016, over 20,000 people sent in letters urging the federal government to reform our laws to end restrictions on charities’ free speech and their ability to work to improve the lives of Canadians.

Hundreds of organizations, including the BCHA, also participated in the consultation and the input of all was given to a government appointed expert panel for their consideration.

The expert panel submitted their final recommendations in March 2017 to the Minister of National Revenue. Their report contained a clear call to action: fix the broken system.

But despite a promise to respond to the report, the federal government has done nothing to implement the Expert Panel’s recommendations.

We need to raise our voice so that it’s clear to the government that we want them to fix our broken charity laws now.

Send a letter to the Prime Minister today

Tell him to follow-through and create a new law to protect Canadians’ right to be heard through the charities they support. Your Member of Parliament will receive a copy of your letter too, so that they can help ensure the right decision is made.

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