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Are Jesus and God up-woke? ... Is this what it takes to get you to wear a frack**g mask? ... Would you like to know how to use Media Bias/Fact Check? ... Would you like to read a first-hand, educated account of slavery? ... Do you get angry when others foist on you their purported solution to anger management?

Please join us for the Sunday Meeting Online to view a selection of videos and then share your thoughts in the subsequent discussion.

You can join the Zoom meeting at:

Meeting ID: 874 7332 2628

The video choices this week are: (Note: Video selections will be viewed during the meeting.)

1. Bill Maher - New rule Rule: God is Cancelled Party - 5:57

2. Put a F**king Mask On! - 3:52

3. How to Use Media Bias/Fact Check - 4:22

4. Autobiography of a Muslim slave - 4:55

  • "How the autobiography of a Muslim slave is challenging an American narrative. Omar Ibn Said was 37 years old when he was taken from his West African home and transported to Charleston, South Carolina, as a slave in the 1800s. Now, his one-of-a-king autobiographical manuscript has been translated from its original Arabic and housed at the Library of Congress, where it "annihilates" the conventional narrative of African slaves as uneducated and uncultured. Anna Nawaz reports."

5. How to never be angry again - 3:57

  • Transcript: The concept of anger - I think we have to think about the phases of anger ... there are three phases of anger ...


Sunday meetings are now taking place via Online. Email Dan Hanna ([email protected]) for an invite to the next meeting.

August 30, 2020 at 10:00am - 12pm Pacific Time (US & Canada)
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