Vancouver Sunday Meeting


Are you psychologically prepared to accept that yours is not the only opnion? Are the Millennials and Gen Zs inspiring your hope for a better world? Do you dislike ALL elites, and are you an elite? Do you conspire to 'out' conspiracy theories? How do we end up with incompetent leaders? Will you help fight Climate Change by only eating dead tree bark?

The video choices this week are: (Note - Video selections will be viewed during the meeting.)

1. 1:40 Not Everyone Thinks Exactly the Same As You Do" Support Group

2. 2:26 A world reimagined: The 2020 Global Millennial Survey

3. 7:01 Neoliberalism is destroying our democracy

4. 5:01 Three ways to spot a conspiracy theory

5. 9:32 Why do so many incompetent men become leaders?

6. 4:54 7 EASY WAYS to Fight Climate Change RIGHT NOW!


Please join us for the Sunday Meeting Online to view a selection of videos and then share your thoughts in the subsequent discussion.

You can join the Zoom meeting at:

Meeting ID: 874 7332 2628


Sunday meetings are now taking place via Online. Email Dan Hanna ([email protected]) for an invite to the next meeting.

August 16, 2020 at 10:00am - 12pm Pacific Time (US & Canada)
Dan Hanna ·

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