Vancouver Sunday Meeting

Debate. Redress. Access. Inquire. Inform. 

Please join us for the Sunday Meeting Online to view a selection of videos and then share your thoughts in the subsequent discussion.

You can join the Zoom meeting at:

Meeting ID: 874 7332 2628

The video choices this week are: (Note: The video selections will be viewed during the meeting.)

1. 4:11 – How to Win Any Debate on Climate Change – Charles C. Mann
From Charles C. Mann's Long Now Seminar “The Wizard and the Prophet,”  

2. 2:48 Cariol Horne - Fired cop says "I don't regret it" after stopping police officer from choking suspect. Former Buffalo Police officer Cariol Horne in a battle to get her pension. She was fired for trying to stop a fellow officer she says was abusing a suspect.

3. 2:20 Is it ever acceptable for a police officer to shoot an unarmed person? Toronto Sun
On 2020-03-27 this York police officer sustained severe facial injuries (eye socket fractures, etc) by a prisoner just released due to COVID-19 risks.

4. 5:16 Does Time Exist? - Inquiring people (with watches) want to know. “Time and space are modes by which we think, and not conditions in which we live.” – Albert Einstein

5. 5:25 Ten Things to Know about Secularism – Andrew Copson
Andrew Copson, CEO of Humanism UK speaking to the Oxford Press about what is secularism in a variety of countries in the world. He tells us the top ten things we should understand about Secularism.


Sunday meetings are now taking place via Online. Email Dan Hanna ([email protected]) for an invite to the next meeting.

August 02, 2020 at 10:00am - 12pm Pacific Time (US & Canada)
Vancouver, BC
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