Require BC Vaccine Cards in churches

As of September 13, proof of vaccination is required to access certain events, services and businesses in British Columbia. By October 24, you will need to show you have been fully vaccinated.

While Provincial Health Officer (PHO) Dr Bonnie Henry's order extends to a wide variety of indoor events with more than 50 people, including parties, conferences, wedding receptions, concerts and sporting events, the order doesn't include "worship services."

In other words, you'll have to show your Vaccine Card to go to a public lecture but not to go to church.

This exemption defies the evidence and common sense. Fundamentalist religious communities are among the least likely to be vaccinated and indoor church services are hotbeds of COVID outbreaks.

Simply put: We must end the church exemption to the BC Vaccine Card.

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To Dr Bonnie Henry, Public Health Officer

We ask you to reverse your decision to exempt worship services from the BC Vaccine Card.

Places of worship have been the source of numerous outbreaks of COVID-19, including here in BC, and fundamentalist communities are among the least likely to be vaccinated.

Many of your previous public health orders applied equally to the religious and non-religious, including restrictions on gatherings and mask mandates. Even individuals hoping to attend secular events must show proof of vaccination, regardless of any religious objections they may claim.

For the health of the broader community, we ask you to apply this same consistency to organizers of religious events.

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