Remembering Henry Morgentaler

On May 29, 2013, Dr. Henry Morgentaler died. An influential Humanist who fought successfully to overturn Canada's abortion laws, he will be missed by Humanists in British Columbia and across Canada.

Statement on the death of Dr Henry Morgentaler

Humanists in British Columbia join millions of Canadians today in remembering Dr. Henry Morgentaler’s commitment to human rights after he died Wednesday from a heart attack at age 90.

Fueled by a commitment to Humanist values of reason and compassion, Dr. Morgentaler was the first president of Humanist Canada from 1968 until 1999 and fought tirelessly for reproductive freedoms in Canada. Faced with death threats, assaults, clinic bombings, and imprisonment, his efforts resulted in the Supreme Court of Canada striking down Canada’s abortion law in 1988.

“His commitment to human rights and Humanism should serve as an inspiration to every one of us as we strive to leave this world in a better place than we found it,” writes Ian Bushfield, Executive Director of the BC Humanist Association, on the group’s blog.

Bushfield says he never had the chance to meet Dr. Morgentaler but still admires the courage and convictions of his legacy.

The BCHA is collecting stories of Dr. Morgentaler for its website and will be paying tribute to his legacy as part of their weekly meeting at 10:00 AM on Sunday, June 2nd at Oakridge Seniors Centre in Vancouver.

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