Over 500 for Humanist Marriage

Four weeks ago we launched our petition calling for the Government of BC to give Humanists equal standing with the many religious groups that are able to perform marriages in the province.

Since then, over 500 people joined our call!

On Thursday, we put those first 500 names in the mail to the Health Minister. We reiterated our simple call: Give Vital Statistics a definition of religion that includes Humanists.

Read our letter.

We don't need a new law. We aren't looking to become marriage commissioners. We are simply asking to be treated the same as the many religious groups that already qualify under the law.

The Minister told CBC News when we launched the petition that he was open to the idea. Now we just need to make sure he follows through.

Can you chip in to help us see this campaign through?

Make a donation now.

Your support will ensure that we can keep dedicating staff time to building our arguments, scheduling meetings and promoting the campaign in the media.

And if you haven't already, please sign and share the petition. We'll be keeping this petition open to signatures until we've won this campaign.

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