Oct 31, 2016 Newsletter

Today is Halloween, which remains a very unique holiday for Humanists.

On the one hand, our rational sides dismiss the mystical and supernatural elements of the day. Some of us appreciate a good ghost story or spooky movie but it's not any more special of a day to be more in touch with the deceased.

But the flip side is the day offers a lot of opportunity to promote satire, in a well-timed costume, and expose more puritanical beliefs that remain prevalent to this day.

It also offers a lighthearted and predominantly secular opportunity for community, whether in Halloween parties, or simply by getting people out to meet their neighbours while trick-or-treating.

So Happy Halloween to all who celebrate this day

TWU decision tomorrow

We've learned that the BC Court of Appeal will be publishing its decision on the case of the Law Society of BC vs Trinity Western University tomorrow morning at 9:35 AM. This case centres around whether the Law Society will have to accept a proposed law school from the evangelical university. TWU requires all its students to sign a covenant stating they will abstain from same-sex relationships.

Last June, we intervened in this case to argue for the courts to set clear limits on what fell under religious freedom and we'll be looking tomorrow to see whether the justices adopted our arguments. Follow us on Facebook and Twitter for our immediate reactions and on our website later in the day for our full response.

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