New ebook explores death and dying for the nonreligious

The BC Humanist Association is celebrating the release of its latest eBook, End of Life: A Guide for Humanists and Non-Religious People in British Columbia. This comprehensive resource offers guidance and support to individuals and families in British Columbia who seek a humanistic and non-religious approach to end-of-life decisions and planning.

In a society characterized by diverse worldviews and belief systems, providing resources that cater to humanists, atheists, agnostics, and non-religious individuals' unique needs is essential. End of Life fills a crucial gap by offering a thoughtful and empathetic guide to navigating the complex issues surrounding death and dying while respecting the values and principles of non-religious individuals.

"We are delighted to offer this invaluable resource to the people of British Columbia," said authors Ian Bushfield and Sophie Burk. "We aim to ensure that those who choose a humanistic and non-religious approach to end-of-life matters have the information and support they need to make these decisions with confidence and peace of mind."

Key features of End of Life: A Guide for Humanists and Non-Religious People in British Columbia include:

  1. The Humanist Perspective on Death: With philosophical discussions on choice in dying and deathbed conversions
  2. Mental Well-Being and Emotional Support: Information on end-of-life support, including non-religious pastoral care, end-of-life doulas and more
  3. Planning for death: Details on creating ceremonies and legacy projects
  4. Advance care planning: Including documenting your wishes and organ and body donation programs
  5. Healthcare issues: Medical assistance in dying, health inequities and palliative care
  6. Death during crises: Such as COVID-19, the toxic drug crisis, and climate change

The guide concludes with an extensive list of resources.

The eBook is available free on our website or through most online marketplaces.

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