Memories of Morgentaler

A story from Jill Harrington, one of our members of the late Dr. Henry Morgentaler.

In 1974, I was seventeen years old, and had a brief fling with a 7 foot tall throwback to the Neanderthals. By the time I realized I was pregnant, he was already on an extended holiday in Mexico with another young lady. To this day, I credit Henry Morgentaler with saving my life. I had to get my father’s authorization, and my case had to go before a three-doctor tribunal, but I thankfully got an abortion 2 days before Christmas. Had it not been for Dr. Morgentalers’ tireless efforts on behalf of Canadian women, my life would have turned out very very differently. I swore a vow that day that when this great man died, I would wear a black armband for a week.  I proudly wear it om my arm now, as I write this. We have lost a great Canadian, a brave Humanist and a true humanitarian. I will never forget what he did for me.

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