June 6, 2016 Newsletter

This is a historic day for compassion, dignity and choice. As of today, Canadians may request assistance to end their life with dignity. The era of suffering as a noble ideal is over.

Despite the federal government's fear mongering, there is no legal vacuum. This morning the Government of BC gave the College of Physicians and Surgeons of BC's clear and compassionate guidelines "the weight of law." This means British Columbians can now request their doctor's assistance to end their suffering. Similar policies have been put in place across the country.

You can read more about these policies and what we've asked the Senate to amend in the government's proposed assisted dying bill.


TWU v LSBC at the BC Court of Appeal

Last week, BCHA Executive Director Ian Bushfield attended the hearings of Trinity Western University vs the Law Society of BC at the BC Court of Appeal. The BC Humanist Association intervened with the Canadian Secular Alliance in this case to argue for clear limits on religious freedom. You can read my report about what happened at the trial on our blog or listen to the report on our podcast.

Today the Ontario Court of Appeal begins its hearings in Trinity Western University vs the Law Society of Upper Canada. The Canadian Secular Alliance is also intervening in that case. A similar case was heard at the Nova Scotia Court of Appeal earlier this year.

All three cases centre around whether law societies will have to accredit the private evangelical university's proposed law school, which would effectively bars LGBTQ students from those law seats. The cases are expected to go to the Supreme Court of Canada.

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TWU v LSBC - BC Humanists at the BC Court of Appeal by Ian Bushfield


Trinity Western University vs Law Society of BC - BC Humanists at the BC Court of Appeal

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