July 31, 2017 Newsletter

We will not be going to the Supreme Court of Canada this fall.

Last year, we joined an intervention with the Canadian Secular Alliance at the BC Court of Appeal over the proposed law school at evangelical Trinity Western University. The court ultimately ruled with TWU and didn't address the arguments we made.

We had hoped to expand upon those arguments - that there are strict limits to what religious rights an organization can claim - at Canada's highest court but ultimately only a small number of the dozens of groups that had asked to intervene were allowed through.

We'll continue to look to promote secular values in Canadian law and will watch this potentially landmark case when it's heard in November but unfortunately we have to do so from the sidelines this time.

Pride next weekend

Final details for our parade troupe's staging location and time and our festival site are now available on the website. Look for Nigel at the Parade site and JB at the marching location.

Sunday's change of plans

Unfortunately our scheduled speaker for yesterday's Vancouver meeting, Mika McKinnon, was deployed at the last minute to assist in ongoing relief efforts for the BC wildfires. She was able to help us secure Kat Anderson, who gave a fascinating talk on climate change, herbivory and ocean acidification. You can find out more about Kat on her website or Twitter. She's also the executive producer of Anecdotal Evidence, a series of science stories.

Due to the last minute nature of this change, and our limited staff time, we were unable to provide an updated notice on our website and social media. As has always been the case, last minute changes do occur, and we apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

On our website

News: BCHA among many denied leave to intervene in TWU law school case
Podcast: Kat Anderson - Ocean Acidification

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