Jan 30, 2017 Newsletter

The country is reeling from the news out of Quebec City, where yesterday a man opened fire in a mosque, killing six people and leaving others in critical condition.

As Humanists and secularists, we must categorically condemn this attack on people practising their religion in peace.

This attack comes at a time of increasing tension south of the border, where President Trump has signed an executive order that's widely viewed as a Muslim ban, but our own country is hardly free from anti-Muslim prejudice.

A lot is still unknown about this attacker or his motivations but we do know that this mosque has been repeatedly targeted by anti-Muslim vandals. A number of Canadian politicians have spoken about vague "Canadian values" tests and hate crimes against Muslim Canadians have been on the rise.

Now more than ever the world needs an impassioned defence of compassion, human rights and secularism. The world needs Humanism.

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