Jan 16, 2017 Newsletter

On Friday, the Victoria Times Columnist published Noreen Campbell's story.

In August, Noreen received approval for medical assistance in dying and she exercised that right last week. Before she died, she spoke out in a video with Dying With Dignity Canada and to the media.

"The idea that suffering is always worthwhile, it’s just beyond me," says Noreen.

Similarly, doctors are starting to speak out about their concerns with the vagueness of the current law.

Dr James Downar spoke to Dying With Dignity after another physician, who had performed an assisted death, started passing patients' requests to him.

"The access issues are extreme," says Dr Downar.

These perspectives are important and we'll undoubtedly hear more over the coming months as we continue to fight for individuals' right to choose.

Calopia's Volunteering in Vancouver Kickoff

Sunday, January 29, 2017 at 2:00 PM

Vancouver Public Library's Peter Kaye Meeting Room.

The BCHA will be part of the very first Calopia event! Calopia events are inspirational gatherings that bring together people looking for volunteers with people looking for a cause. Admission is $5.

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Publication: Letters to the Editor by a Modern Humanist
By Theo Meijer

A compilation of letters by a past BCHA president. Now available online.

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Discussing topics of faith can strike very close to home for those who strongly identify as either religious or anti-religious.

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