British Columbia and the Half Charmed Curriculum Funding

April 1st, 2023


Severus, R. Lapsed-Sceptic & Slapschtick, A.L. (2023, April 1). “British Columbia and the Half Charmed Curriculum Funding”. BC Humanist Association.  


Our organization recognizes the significant number of religious schools in BC that receive public funding and are allowed to impose rules and practices that reflect their beliefs. While we respect their right to practice their religion, we believe that it is crucial to provide a balance by offering education in areas that are not grounded in religious beliefs.

A School of Divination can provide students with the opportunity to learn about a unique and fascinating field of study that is not taught in most mainstream educational settings. The curriculum could include the study of various divination techniques, such as astrology, tarot, and numerology. Students would also learn about the history and cultural significance of divination and its influence on various societies throughout history.

We believe that the establishment of a School of Divination would serve as a valuable addition to the educational landscape in British Columbia. It would offer students the opportunity to learn about diverse and unique fields of study, broaden their perspectives, and foster critical thinking skills.

The BC Humanist Association urges the British Columbia Ministry of Education to consider our proposal and work towards establishing a School of Divination that would provide a balanced and diverse education to students in the province.

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