The stars are aligned: It's time for legislative astrology

Building on its research-driven advocacy around religious prayers in the legislature and municipal councils across British Columbia, the BC Humanist Association is asking today why our provincial politicians have thus far limited their spiritual considerations to more traditional approaches to understanding the universe.

In its new report, Separation of Religion and Government in Retrograde, the BCHA considers the impact of the astrological star signs of MLAs on the province's prosperity.

"The legislature already starts its sittings with prayers so clearly it's not a big leap to suggest MLAs also consult their star charts before debating ship-building contracts, farming techniques or back-to-work legislation," said RH Slapp, BCHA Spiritual Consultant and co-author of the report.


The report calls for birth dates, down to the minute, for all MLAs to be made publicly available.

AL Schtick, a lapsed skeptic and co-author, noted that without this data they were unable to complete the ascendant charts for MLAs. "This is very serious work but we had to rely on Wikipedia and Twitter birthday announcements for some MLAs," said Schtick. "If we can't determine the premier's rising sign, how are we supposed to tell what mask he's wearing when giving his press conferences?"

The report notes that Premier John Horgan has a Leo star sign and Virgo moon sign, explaining his seeming struggle between a need to be in the spotlight and a desire for stability. "Perhaps if he had leaned more on his Virgo nature this past week, he might have avoided upsetting many millennials," the report concludes.

Long-time supporters may wonder why an organization dedicated to a worldview based on reason and science have released a report endorsing astrology. "While the scientific community may have written astrology off as 'hokum', the continued presence of superstition in the Legislative Assembly leaves the door open to more non-traditional practices," explained BCHA Executive Director Ian Bushfield. "On this day we simply want to ask the question of what else might fit through that door?"

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