Letter of the week - Glenn Hardie

In response to an extended article about a church meeting on Granville Island, Glenn Hardie wrote a letter to the Vancouver Courier that was published last week.

The original article, by Courier journalist Sandra Thomas, can be read online and discusses how the Westside Church "offers a traditional, potentially controversial, brand of evangelical Christianity using iPads, big screens and electric guitars." Glenn's brief rebuttal highlighted our group and was inspiring enough to attract several new faces to our meeting last week.

To the editor:

I write to comment on the article about the Westside Church. I merely wish to advise readers who may share ethical values but who do not hold religious beliefs that there is an alternative weekly social activity, instead of church, in which they can easily participate.

For those who would like to discuss secular ideas with knowledgeable and sympathetic fellow travellers, the B.C. Humanist Association meets every Sunday morning (and has done for years) from 10 a.m. to noon in the Seniors Centre at Oakridge Mall, 41st and Cambie. You do not have to be a member to attend. The meeting, the coffee, the parking, and the welcome are all free, although donations are requested to offset the cost of renting the room.

Glenn M. Hardie, Vancouver

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